A system designed for modern brands.

We incubated consumer brands and developed a new, systematic approach to investing in and building them.


We’re brand builders.

Assembled Brands understands what it takes to build consumer brands because we’ve built our own. As proponents of human-centered design, our experience with building brands allows us to properly serve consumer goods entrepreneurs. One of our most notable brands is Khaite, a women’s ready-to-wear collection that reimagines classic American sportswear for the twenty-first century.

Along with Founder, Catherine Holstein, Assembled Brands developed Khaite from Day 1. We provided Catherine with what she wanted: rapid financing, valuable insights from financial and ecommerce analysis, and an unrivaled network of marketers, product developers, manufacturers, and recruiters. We concluded that other brands might want the same access to the financing, insights, and network.

Most people only see the glossy surface. Assembled Brands connected Khaite with the best content creators.
Assembled Brands connected Khaite with the best product development factories in Europe.
Assembled Brands provided financial and e-commerce business insights to Khaite at a discount to alternative service providers.


He Sold His First Business For More Than $400 Million And Is Now Reinventing How Brands Are Built

by Alejandro CremadesMay 26, 2019

Now on his second startup venture, Adam Pritzker sold his first for hundreds of millions of dollars and is now on a mission to finance the next generation of brands...

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Assembled Brands’ Adam Pritzker wants to build a retail alliance

GlossyApril 18, 2018

Adam Pritzker, of the Hyatt Hotels family, built Assembled Brands off of the idea that fashion could benefit from the same open-source approach to resources, data and education as the technology industry. Prior to Assembled Brands, he co-founded General Assembly—which offers professional development classes to adults and just sold to Adecco for $413 million—but soon went after a different opportunity in fashion.


Why the Current VC Financing Mechanism for Consumer Brands is Broken

The Twenty Minute VCMarch 15, 2019

In this episode of The Twenty Minute VC learn why the current VC financing mechanism for consumer brands is broken, why the infrastructure to power emerging brands is broken and what the re-platforming of retail means for the next decade in consumer. Conversation with Harry Stebbings and Adam Pritzker, Chairman & CEO, Assembled Brands.


Why the Old Way of Doing Retail is Collapsing

by Mario AbadAug 1, 2018

The seismic changes affecting retail has everybody talking. The fashion industry in particular always seems to be a topic of discussion when it comes to analyzing things like department stores, seasonal models and direct-to-consumer brands. Perhaps the reason why there's so much discourse around the retail landscape in fashion as a whole is because it's been slower than other industries in reacting to change.

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Can America Build Its Own LVMH?

by Vanessa FriedmanJune 8, 2016

On the second floor of a classic cast-iron building in SoHo, just above the madding crowd, there is an airy loft, all cool cream tones and Pierre Paulin chairs, oversize art books and Henri Cartier-Bresson prints. And along one wall is a rail of discreet white and black and marinière striped linen and silk, cotton and denim; culottes, shirtdresses, tunics and cashmeres. With price tags attached.

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Vanessa Traina joins Business of Fashion’s 500 list

Business of FashionJune 8, 2017

A consultant and stylist whose clients include Joseph Altuzarra and Alexander Wang, Traina is also executive creative director of Assembled Brands and its curated lifestyle store The Line. The daughter of American author Danielle Steel, Traina grew up in San Francisco before moving to Malibu to attend Pepperdine University.

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How Small Brands Can Face Heavyweights

by Adam PritzkerJune 30, 2016

The Internet is a two-faced phenomenon: a source of both incredible income growth and challenging complexity. This reality makes me more confident than ever that emerging brands have never had a more promising — nor a more challenging — environment in which to execute. The way I see it, small fashion labels in particular have more potential than ever, but face three major obstacles…

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A Pritzker Sets Out With Ideas of Empire

by David GellesNov 8, 2014

Adam Pritzker strolled through a spacious SoHo loft, pausing to admire a fake narwhal tusk. Handblown glass chandeliers from the Czech Republic dangled overhead, and vintage Moroccan rugs covered expansive hardwood floors. The apartment, a minimalist luxury jewel box, was not Mr. Pritzker’s home, and the furnishings were not his own.

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