Ecommerce Lending for Consumer Goods Brands

Assembled Brands provides rapid financing, business insights, and an unrivaled network to grow your brand.


A system designed for modern brands.

Rapid Financing

We provide a variety of credit products to help your brand scale inventory purchases and ad spend.

Business Insights

We use real-time data to create integrated financial models that benchmark your brand's key metrics.

Unrivaled Network

We have the largest ecosystem of best-in-class service providers built specifically for consumer brands.

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Partner with a
strategic investor.

Partner with a
strategic investor.

As founders, we know the passion, creativity, and commitment it takes to give life to a brand. As operators, we know the key metrics that drive business success. As investors, we know the best way to finance your business across all stages of growth.

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Scale without
losing control.

Scale without
losing control.

Consumer brands are capital intensive. Equity is not always the best solution as it can dilute ownership. Brands need alternative capital to scale inventory and online marketing. As a team of entrepreneurs, Assembled Brands has sought a financing solution that allows brands to scale and maintain control.

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Meet our community of founders.

“Assembled Brands rescued us from unnecessary fundraising and have been an incredibly flexible and accommodating partner. Our business couldn’t be where it is without them.”

— LEO WANG, CEO, Buffy

“Uhuru began fifteen years ago as a bespoke custom furniture maker. As our business evolved, we spent months talking to investors—none met our needs. Assembled Brands immediately understood our vision, what we needed to do to achieve it, and provided us with an unexpected level of strategic value. We are excited to partner with Assembled Brands as we scale to become a global brand furnishing the gig economy.”

— JASON HORVATH, Co-Founder/ CEO, Uhuru Design

“We searched for a long time, and I don’t think there is a better inventory financing partner for scaling companies than Assembled Brands. In a space that is full of traditional, out-dated (financing) models, Assembled Brands actually understands what high growth companies need and delivers it.”

— DAVID ROGER, Co-Founder & CEO, Felix Gray


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