Assembled Brands provides working capital and creative services to emerging, consumer brands.

Assembled Brands allows each brand to focus on developing the most important attribute: a very distinct and precise aesthetic.

Domenico De Sole, Chairman, Tom Ford International and Sotheby’s

Assembled Brands gave me the tools necessary to grow and succeed on my own terms but within the context of a proven system and a network. From honing my brands and developing exclusive products to acquiring customers and growing revenue, the system is flexible and effective.

Vanessa Traina, Executive Creative Director, The Line

Intimacy and refinement are important to me, and Assembled Brands understands the difference those qualities can make, both for a brand and for a customer. Developing and running KHAITE as part of AB connects me with expertise, information, and suppliers I may never have had access to on my own, and the network of stylists is a direct link to my customers and their feedback.

Catherine Holstein, Creative Director, KHAITE

Assembled Brands instantly understood our business, where all the issues were, and which ones to solve first. They moved quickly to fund our production deposits, built us a new budget, benchmarked us across other brands in the AB portfolio, and carefully identified cost-saving opportunities that our investors loved.

Sabina Schlumberger, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Figue

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