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What is Community?

Our community of partners consists of passionate small and medium-sized business owners with a desire to build brand awareness. Assembled Brands simplifies business networking - a critical element of building any successful business’s brand. Leverage our SMB referral network to grow your business with consistent support and a network of like-minded professionals.

We leverage our collective bargaining power

How the community helps your brand grow

Increase your brand’s sales, learn ways to improve your operations, and encourage brand loyalty over time with a proven small and medium-sized business referral network. Small business networking paves the way for countless opportunities down the line. Set yourself up for new business and gain useful insight from other consumer brands businesses as a partner in the Assembled Brands community.


Gain access to an outstanding network of recommended digital marketers that will help you grow at every stage of your business’s journey. Assembled Brands has the tools you need to put your business successfully on the map with access to world-class marketing insights.


Assembled Brands is the liaison between your business and a network of supply chain, warehousing, legal, accounting and engineering solutions. Our Assembled Brands partners form an ecosystem that can help find solutions to develop your business and provide ongoing support across all business operations.


Discover cross-promotion opportunities with other brands in our network to find shared customer groups and lower customer acquisition and marketing costs. To become a business partner and develop your brand within a small and medium-sized business referral network, apply to be a partner today.

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We invest in consumer goods brands across all verticals. Here are a few of our select brands:


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