Debt Financing 101 | Pt 1 of 3

As lenders, we understand that debt can be a bit intimidating! As one of our team members says: “the first time I learned about debt was when the adults in my life told me about how credit cards can be a slippery slope — I didn’t learn about the benefits of debt until I started […]

An Interview with Jeff Hansson, Co-Founder & CEO of Scout Distribution

This week we sat down with Jeff Hansson, Co-Founder & CEO at Scout Distribution, to learn more about the reshaping and disruption of the craft beverage distribution space. Prior to Scout, Jeff was part of the team that successfully scaled and sold Saint Archer Brewing Company. We’re incredibly excited to be working with Jeff and […]

An Interview with Allison Moss, Founder & CEO at Type:A Brands

This week we sat down with Allison Moss, the Founder of Type:A Brands, to learn about her early marketing background, advice for operating in a hyper-competitive beauty category, and the importance of sophisticated forecasting. If you’re an emerging brand, we’d love to get in touch! You can find our full offering at Assembled Brands here. […]

Taylor Holiday on Paid Arbitrage & Content Marketing in 2020

Taylor Holiday is the Managing Partner at Common Thread Collective, one of the leading growth partners to e-commerce brands in the country. What trends are you tracking in digital right now? When everything went remote in early March, the initial reaction was panic; specifically around global supply chain issues. Once brands realized that supply chain […]

An Interview with Co-Founder of Richer Poorer, Tim Morse

This week we sat down with Tim Morse to learn about the importance of timing in launching a brand, software tools he can’t live without, and how to cultivate emotional connections with customers. If you’re an emerging brand, we’d love to get in touch! You can learn more about our investment process at Assembled Brands […]