Debt Financing 101 | Pt 2 of 3

Welcome to the second installment of Debt Financing 101. Last time we learned the ins and outs of an Asset Based Loan. Today we will take a closer look at what exactly equity financing is and where it falls in what we call the “capital stack.” What is Equity Financing? Investopedia defines Equity Financing as […]

Debt Financing 101 | Pt 1 of 3

As lenders, we understand that debt can be a bit intimidating! As one of our team members says: “the first time I learned about debt was when the adults in my life told me about how credit cards can be a slippery slope — I didn’t learn about the benefits of debt until I started […]

An Interview with Jeff Hansson, Co-Founder & CEO of Scout Distribution

This week we sat down with Jeff Hansson, Co-Founder & CEO at Scout Distribution, to learn more about the reshaping and disruption of the craft beverage distribution space. Prior to Scout, Jeff was part of the team that successfully scaled and sold Saint Archer Brewing Company. We’re incredibly excited to be working with Jeff and […]

Announcing Our Investment in Dame Products

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the closing of a $1 million senior secured credit facility with Dame, a personal care brand that engineers for sexual wellness. Through this partnership, the Brooklyn-based brand will continue to scale its innovative tools and global community. Our team at Assembled Brands will continue to invest in emerging brands while doubling down […]

Assembled Brands Insights: Q2 Portfolio Growth

In the first quarter of 2020, we released our first business insights report focused on key growth metrics identified within our portfolio. After a second quarter unlike any other, our team was keen to review financial and sales data to see the ultimate impact of COVID-19 on our portfolio. Today, we are releasing the insights we gleaned from […]