Deal Announcement: Hammitt

Today, we’re thrilled to celebrate the closing of a new $4 million revolving line of credit with Hammitt, a premium line of handbags and accessories that’s a beloved favorite among retail partners and digital shoppers alike. Through this partnership, the LA-based company will further extend their marketing efforts and continue to expand their inventory assortment.  The […]

2020, A Year In Review

The strength of Assembled Brands is our understanding of the DTC marketplace. The strategic data we collect allows us to develop partnerships with brands that other lenders do not understand how to. Our data showed that our portfolio companies grew sales by 40% in 2020 over 2019, a true testament to the power of the […]

Debt Financing 101 | Pt 2 of 3

Welcome to the second installment of Debt Financing 101. Last time we learned the ins and outs of an Asset Based Loan. Today we will take a closer look at what exactly equity financing is and where it falls in what we call the “capital stack.” What is Equity Financing? Investopedia defines Equity Financing as […]

Debt Financing 101 | Pt 1 of 3

As lenders, we understand that debt can be a bit intimidating! As one of our team members says: “the first time I learned about debt was when the adults in my life told me about how credit cards can be a slippery slope — I didn’t learn about the benefits of debt until I started […]