Assembled Brands Portfolio Companies More than Double in Q4

Assembled Brands provides rapid financing, business insights, and an unrivaled network to grow consumer brands. Operating in tandem, these three pillars present a novel opportunity to reinvent venture financing for the 21st century, specifically as it relates to digitally-native vertical brands.

This year, our team is excited to double down on the business insights component of our three-pronged offering. In doing so, we hope to catalyze an industry-wide trend in which data-driven investment structures present an increasingly compelling alternative financing model to venture capital.

As our team sat down at the beginning of this year, we reflected on the growth in funds invested over the past 12 months at Assembled Brands. In doing so, we honed in on key portfolio-wide areas of growth since we began actively investing in Q4 2018.

In this report, we’ll focus on the following metrics for our brands’ sales through Shopify: Gross Sales, Conversion Rate, Average Order Value, Percent of Orders from Repeat Customers and Online Sessions.

Conversion Rate

Average Order Value

Repeat Customer Purchase Rate

Online Sessions

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