Announcing Assembled Brands’ Partnership with InStyler

Today, Assembled Brands is thrilled to celebrate the closing of a new revolving line of credit with InStyler, a high tech hair and beauty company based in Culver City, California. 

The team at Assembled Brands provides working capital, business insights and an unrivaled network to meet the unique needs of emerging businesses that face capital constraints. 

Since launching their business in 2009, InStyler has developed into the market leader in innovative products for hair care and has substantially grown their online presence in addition to selling at retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Walmart.

“’The ability for InStyler to stand out as a market leader in a crowded space caught our attention early on in the underwriting process,” said Michael Lipkin, President and COO of Assembled Brands.   

“Partnering with Assembled Brands who specializes in financing direct to consumer brands will allow our business to continue to scale without needing to raise any outside capital.” said Mark Levine, Co-Founder of InStyler.  

InStyler joins a portfolio at Assembled Brands that includes high-profile consumer brands such as Violet Grey, QALO, Buffy, William Murray Golf, Gravity Blankets, Hammitt, Sand Cloud, and Kid Made Modern, among others.

Assembled Brands was founded on a desire to help growing brands finance their growth through revolving lines of credit supported by inventory, receivables and purchase orders.  

Don’t give your equity away like you would with traditional venture debt. Discover how your business can benefit from Assembled Brand’s simple and streamlined process. Apply online today with a lender prepared to take your brand to the next level.

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