Ecommerce Lending for Consumer Goods Brands

We provide working capital, business insights and an unrivaled network to growing consumer brands.


We specialize in providing revolving lines of credit supported by inventory and receivables as well as purchase order financing.

Ecommerce Loans

Gain access to quick and transparent financing to give your business that little push it needs to succeed with Assembled Brands.

Revolving Lines of Credit

Our revolving lines of credit empower you to finance capital expansion or safeguard against future problems.

Purchase Order Financing

Financing your purchase order is a short term solution to help you cover large orders without holding up the capital you need for day-to-day operations.

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We work with established consumer goods brands across multiple industries - including food and beverage, apparel, beauty, fashion, accessories, electronics, home and more. If you’re a CPG brand with assets to be leveraged, we can custom tailor a funding solution to your needs.

Ecommerce Companies

Ecommerce Companies

Assembled Brands helps make buying and selling goods online streamlined and straightforward to support modern ecommerce business spaces. Whether you need help with purchase order financing or you’re looking for creative ways to enhance the online consumer experience, Assembled Brands has the resources small ecommerce businesses need to succeed.

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Beauty & Wellness Companies

Beauty & Wellness Companies

We understand that, in such a competitive market, it’s vital that you have the flexibility to fulfill demand quickly. By financing with Assembled Brands, you’re giving yourself the flexibility you’ll need to support your ongoing growth and expansion.

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Apparel & Fashion Companies

Apparel & Fashion Companies

Some of our most successful Assembled Brands partners are in the fashion industry. Foster a deep connection with your consumers with the help of rapid financing options and trusted industry insights found at Assembled Brands. From customized wardrobe staples to quality-made shoewear, we do everything we can to help our Assembled Brands partners stay in style to support long term growth.

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Meet our community of founders.

“Assembled Brands rescued us from unnecessary fundraising and have been an incredibly flexible and accommodating partner. Our business couldn’t be where it is without them.”

— LEO WANG, CEO, Buffy

“Uhuru began fifteen years ago as a bespoke custom furniture maker. As our business evolved, we spent months talking to investors—none met our needs. Assembled Brands immediately understood our vision, what we needed to do to achieve it, and provided us with an unexpected level of strategic value. We are excited to partner with Assembled Brands as we scale to become a global brand furnishing the gig economy.”

— JASON HORVATH, Co-Founder/ CEO, Uhuru Design

“We searched for a long time, and I don’t think there is a better inventory financing partner for scaling companies than Assembled Brands. In a space that is full of traditional, out-dated (financing) models, Assembled Brands actually understands what high growth companies need and delivers it.”

— DAVID ROGER, Co-Founder & CEO, Felix Gray


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